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A quick search found this… Apple Garamond is a serif typeface used by Apple as their main branding font over the course of nearly two decades. The design was based off ITC Garamond but condensed to 80% of its normal width. Apple gradually switched from using Apple Garamond to Myriad beginning in 2003, and then later, San Francisco, their current bespoke ...


Your original identification looks correct! This looks dead-on for Univers 65. Here's the original metal type. The official digital version you show actually looks a bit weird, the a looks too narrow.


It looks like its Skin Deep BB by Blambot. There is also a swashes version, Skin Deep Swashes BB, which may be what you need for the "L". It's not free, sorry. I found the font available for sale on the myfonts-dot-com site. I'm sure it's available on many sites. Best of luck. : )

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