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A reverse image search brings up the design archive this came from, as well as some details. It's CS Beta Bold Judging from the details provided by the archive, you likely won't be able to obtain a license for this family.


I think it may be this one. Either 'Silk-serif Semi-Bold' or 'Silk-serif Medium' It looks more like the Semi Bold.


There are simply too many fonts to give you a list of fonts that match your criterion. However, there are families of fonts that will do better than others. The problem of distinctness is likely in sans serif fonts, because both, I and l are just a stroke. Any non sans-serif font will do better in this regard. Just pick one that you think fits best. Here ...


You can't. Round cornered fonts are designed like that. That said, you can convert the text into curves and adjust the corners of the characters, but the text is no longer editable. Unless you convert that back into a font file. You can also just apply Effect > Stylize > Round Corners but then all the corners will be rounded (if you check your examples you'...


You can probably* use all of the fonts that were pre-installed on your PC/Mac for any purpose - commercial or otherwise. These pre-installed fonts are licensed by Microsoft/Apple for use on computers for any purpose. However, fonts are certainly copyrightable, but that means you can't redistribute the font files in most cases. It doesn't mean you can't use ...

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