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Same looking phenomenas which are not software effects: Chromatic aberration in camera lenses due low quality or intentional design for this effect Distortion when things are watched through non-uniformly thick glass or other transparent solid or liquid. RGB convergence error in cathode ray tube displays In all cases red, green and blue components of ...


There is a list of Win7 and MacOS fonts listed with supported ‘Okina and Kahakō and other special characters: MacOS - Windows 7 -


These fonts are a modern Roman from the 19th century with a thick stroke made to use it as a display font. Commercially they are called Fat Face. You can look for "Fat Face" fonts like: Poster from myfonts.con Fat Face Reina And a classic Bodoni Poster Pistilli Roman designed by Herbert Lubalin


If your text elements are outlines rather than editable text, then the font name, size and style are lost on conversion to outlines. This goes for all vector image editors, and not just Sketch App. Ultimately this means unless the text is still editable, then the font information is not available, nor can the data be retrieved. Obviously this doesn't solve ...


The subtle formal differences between same characters show that it's not a font but a handwriting logo. The same in Bob Ross's "o" and "s": You can make an advanced search at using: lettering + brush + calligraphy + handwritten to find some similar fonts


You can design glyphs (=the letter shapes) in any drawing media, Photoshop is not different in that sense. Also experimenting and deciding how the glyphs should be placed to make writings is possible in any media. But generating computer font (=software) such as Arial.otf or Courier.ttf with glyphs and all placement rules needs a font editor. Many of them ...


I guess it's SF Compact Rounded.


According to me the font should be be Gill Sans Infant Std Watch the demo below; 90% of glyphs seems matching; but it might not exact you want but it might help you; good luck to others who trying to find this font

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