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Using GIMP to Achieve Specific Fuzziness Around The Edges

Open an image, and create a new layer to use as a background and drag it to the bottom of the layers panel. Fill this with any colour your want. Add a layer mask to the top image layer. Set it to ...
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Gimp - How to fade out or into a Gaussian blur

Here is another way to do it using layer masks. starting with your image: Duplicate the layer Now on that layer, ensure it is in front of the original layer, and add a Gaussian Blur to the entire ...
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What is the most effective way to swap/exchange colors in GIMP when I know the two colors that make up the image?

The general technique: Make one color transparent. Where the colors are blended, this will produce partially transparent pixels. This is done by painting the whole picture in Color erase mode, using ...
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Scale down an image in GIMP without losing resolution

If the downscaling factor is an integer, e.g., we want to scale by 2x from exactly 800x600 to 400x300, then the best results (in most cases at least) would be obtained by using area downscaling (see ...
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