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Humans as a general rule can not remember associations individual colors very well. As far as most humans are concerned its like there are about 6 to 10 colors only. Which those colors are and what they are called is another thing altogether (for a humorous nerdm scientific look at the subject see XKCD color survey results). That said humans are good at ...


For x and y the coordinates on the torus (0 to 1), try hue = x, saturation = 1, value = (1+cos(2*pi*y))/2 It is double valued, but looks pretty cool.


In general, how to represent a torus using two polar coordinates is beyond my understanding but here I go. I don't know if that would qualify as color space; it could be a color solid in any case but I doubt it would be a useful one. I can think of a lot of uses of color solids. Some are theoretical, some are just plain practical. A color solid value must ...

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