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Those are typically called pen and ink drawings. The colour of the ink is irrelevant. The paper is called "graph paper", which also has nothing to do with this style of illustration.


If you search for pencil drawings and study how to recolor them & add the right background paper image in graphic software you'll have more options than by searching fully ready results. There's no need to shell out money for programs. Freebies such as Paint.NET and GIMP can both do the recoloring. Inkscape is useful for your own vector drawings, but not ...


The technique of pasting images together can be tracked far away since the invention of paper and the term "collage" was used by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso it became a distinctive part of modern art (early 20th century). Colleges, in one way, it's an expression form, a way to achieve an unique meaning from parts with distinct origins, making the ...


I'd call it scrapbook, collage or paper and paste style - emulating the traditional school book art.

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