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The quality and sharpness of the artwork has nothing to do with you using basic shapes (circles, squares, etc) or not. With vector software, EVERYTHING IS 100% SHARP and in the best possible quality. Even if you do something like the image below, which has nothing to do with geometric shapes. Otherwise yes, constructing icons and shapes from symmetric and/...


Combining easy to draw basic shapes makes sense if the wanted form really can be created such way without too many shapes. In your linked example the shields had many circular curves, so circles were perfect sources to get them. Do not expect you'll get natural looking organic forms that way. But the effect can still be a proper artistic style. If you ...


At times..... Constructions with rudimentary shapes often provides easier symmetry. Like in the question you linked to. However, there are methods to ensure symmetry without rudimentary shapes. It really all depends on the end goal and what may or may not be achievable with rudimentary shapes. There is no "one method to rule them all".


There used to be a guy at comic-con showing off software that did this. I never bought it since I don't do this often and it's a bit expensive at $70, but it looks cool:

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