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Linked Files I use Linked files for this. To do so, save the artwork you'd like to duplicate into a separate file, then use File > Place and make sure "Link" is checked in the Place dialog. The list of Linked files in any Illustrator document can be found in the "Links" pane. AndrewH already pointed out you can use Symbols, but I try as much as possible to ...


You want to create whatever you want to be linked as a Symbol. Open the Symbols Panel, then select your object and drag it over to the Symbols Panel. Choose a "Graphic" unless you're doing this for Adobe Flash, either Dynamic or Static. Static would make every instance of that symbol exactly the same Dynamic would be like if you had a hat, but you have a ...


Use rotate tool or press R, then hold shift until X and Y coordinate show, after that click your center rotation. Try to rotate your object :)

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