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Is there a straightforward way to have double-clicking on an object cause another Inkscape document to be opened?

Yes, but not with a double click. You can add a hyperlink to an object by right clicking it, and choosing Create Link. Then in the HREF box in the Object Attributes, type the full path and file name ...
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Images in low or high fidelity wireframes

I think adding a general pattern to the overall rectangle would solve the issue of displaying the transparency of the overlay, without the unbalanced feeling of your #3. I realize these start to ...
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Can you put a thumbnail image into a pdf which enlarges when you click on it?

Yes, you can do this using buttons. You can set up a button to display an image (or anything a PDF page can be). Using either a bit of JavaScript or Show/Hide field actions, you can display the larger ...
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Special two-state button in InDesign

Grouping both objects into the same button (even if the grouped version is only visible during the Rollover State) turns the total area of both objects and the space between them into the Rollover ...
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Indesign CS6 Is it possible to make one really long page and use breaks to make it work as if it's multiple pages?

ok I just figured out this is indeed possible. What I would need to do is just create some element to serve as a page break and bookmark it. So when I make the "Next page" button I can just click "...
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Figma numeric stepper 1-999

Firstly you cannot take user input in Figma And you can do this using component and States method. And The second one is by several artboards. A) i) in method one create a button having plus and minus ...
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Adobe XD: Creating 2 sliders on the same artboard

In 2020! This is now available using components and states, you no longer require multiple artboards to perform micro-interactions as seen in the images below. You can create a component, add ...
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How to convey the specifics of animation mockups to developers

There are probably many ways of doing this. If you're already familiar with After Effects, you can use it to create your SVG animations and export them with the help of the Bodymovin AE Plugin (~ USD ...
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How much memory is required to send a 300x500 pixel page to a 500 dpi printer if each pixel is 20 bits?

(300*500) pixels * 20bit/pixel = 3000000 bits. At 8 bits per byte that is 375 kb. The DPI is, as almost always, a red herring.
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What are the pros and cons of Principle vs ProtoPie

I currently use Sketch, and have been using the basic interactivity tools there; I've just been looking at both of these apps in fact. Looks like one obvious difference is that Principle is Mac OS ...
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Animating on a single artboard in InVision Studio?

I'm afraid that could not happen. The algorithm and the technique they are using to handle the motions and timeline is all based on the differences on start and finishing point of each object. For ...
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InDesign: interactive catalogue to order products from?

It's possible yes. But it's not really an effective way to get orders. As you posted, a web site is much more feasible, in addition to being device/software agnostic in general. I actually had a ...
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Design Research: Interactive graphic following mouse pointer on website

This site is using an open source vector graphics scripting framework called Paper.js: As you mentioned, a more in-depth discussion on how to achieve the effect you're looking for will be more ...
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InDesign: create a hyperlink to a PDF

If you export to Interactive PDF, explicit URLs will be hyperlinked. Since it's a reference list with explicit URL, maybe you want to try that. If you want to create hyperlinks using the links panel,...
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