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Why is the media query pixel half the spec pixel value?

In my opinion, we need to explore some aspects of the history of the monitors and displays. Early size The early digital images were made of really big picture elements, pixels, because of the poor ...
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iPhone Screenshot Print Size

If you were to print it at 300dpi, which is the resolution usually employed for quality print work in publications, then simply divide the each pixel dimension by 300, to give you the size in inches. ...
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Iphone mockup larger than actual phone

Typically in a vector tool like Adobe XD you'll want to design at the "CSS pixels" size of the screen, which really is 375x667 in this case. An iPhone 6 actually has twice that many pixels in each ...
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How shall I lay out 2 horizontal elements to look balanced?

It's a tad difficult without seeing the actual aesthetics. However, I'd say . . . don't force it. Left align the items with equal space (leading) between the lines. As you see to have it in the ...
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What sizes and units should be used for creating iPhone wallpapers?

As the page you linked to says, the point units are an abstract system for determining coordinates; they don't directly correspond to pixels on a screen but give a convenient coordinate space across ...
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Changing the kit size to iPhone 6 Plus

Select the Artboard Tool (V), select the artboard you want to change the size for. Either drag the sides/corner to change the size or click on the artboard name/text (ex: Artboard 1) and type in the ...
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How large are the icons on the left and right side of the navigation bar for iOS 7 on iPhone 5?

Apple is using the pt instead of px because there are multiple displays. Suggested minimum tappable area is 44x44pt, but that is for the button, not the image. You can make image smaller and add extra ...
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