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Whether it is "big" or "small" depends entirely on the application used to view it & how it interprets the DPI value assigned [or not assigned] to that image. The DPI value, commonly 72, 96 or up to 300 for print are actually all entirely arbitrary & have no real value until you do actually need to print your image. Your image, as ...


Metadata and color profile. Took your 41MB file.... which contains a mountainous amount of metadata... ...saved for web without metadata and converting to sRGB.... Result... 2K as PNG24 ... 3K as JPG


Here's one method. Assuming you have a multichannel .psb already saved, open it in Photoshop, and Select all Ctrl+A, and then Copy Ctrl+C. Close the image file without saving. This is just to get the document size for the next step. Do File > New, choose the Clipboard size option. Set the colour mode to RGB. Click Create. A new blank document will open,...


File ending is just metadata in the filename. Nobody is forced to use the file ending that corresponds with file type. In fact there are lots of lesser known file endings that have several applications that want to associate themselves with the ending.* (1) This file is a WebP image. Applications that support the file often do not care of the ending they ...


Save a PNG... ...then, using the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer, change the suffix from png to jpg. Result a transparent PNG file with a jpg suffix - not an actual jpg.


I just gave it a try: in Scribus 1.5, including this test image with the automatic settings, gives me a Pdf that is 1Kb bigger than the image itself and pdfimages can extract a jpg that is exactly as big as the original image. In my experience for jpg images that are somehow ok, the best is to get Scribus not to touch the image during the Pdf export. You can ...

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