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Showing Green Guide Layer in Adobe Illustrator 2020

Do View > Rulers > Video rulers Then in the bar along the top click on Document Setup, then Edit Artboards Click on the Artboard Options button in the bar along the top Enable the following ...
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How to delete all hidden layers at once?

Click the menu above layers and there is an option to 'Delete hidden layers'
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Unable to rename layers in Illustrator

The double click to change a layer name no longer works using a mac in Illustrator CC 2023. It's a much longer process but you can still edit the layer name. Choose layer options - hamburger top ...
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Illustrator: how to align different elements of a layer without them collapsing together

Group all the pieces in your first image. Select them all and hit Command/Ctrl+G (or Object > Group from the menu). Illustrator will then treat the group as a single object, and problem solved.
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Is it possible to edit a smart object while viewing other layers?

No, it's not possible. That's the downside of Smart Objects in Photoshop. It allows applying destructive filters without destructing the original, but the pixels of the original can only be edited ...
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How to export layers to pages of a pdf file in Photoshop CS5

@0xFK - yes, in newer Creative Cloud programs, I agree that Export > Layers to Files from Photoshop is a great option. That command will provide you with many image files. If you have Adobe Acrobat,...
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Copy a (text) layer and paste in place in Gimp?

An alternative approach that might be easier is to just duplicate the entire XCF, and replace the images rather than the text. Bascically create one layout, with all your text layers. Save the XCF. ...
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