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Start building the logo in a vector application, and worry about artboard size and resolution later: with a vector format logo, your artwork will be scalable to ANY artboard size and ANY resolution. Don't know what a vector application is? Here's a list of the more popular ones: Alternative to Adobe Illustrator Is Photoshop a vector application? No.


Select the layer in the layers panel Engage the Lock Transparent Pixels button in the layers panel Do Edit > Fill, choose white as the fill colour


Descenders are not "text decorations". There's no "setting", button, or CSS property, which will change the inherent display of glyphs containing descenders. They are part of the artwork used to create a specific glyph. A p is not a p without its descender. A y is a v without its descender. A g is not a g (or it's an a) without its ...

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