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Instead of working with circle arcs, do it with complete circles with dashed strokes and change the dash and gap sizes. In this example, starting with two circles blend (left), expanded and ungrouped it, add a dashed stroke and change the dash and gap size individually. Rotate the circles to match the position. Expand appearance when it's ready.


You can check the lengths of existing paths from Document info panel. There's subdialog Objects for it: You can make circles with a wanted path length difference by drawing equally spaced full circles. The easy way is to draw 2 circles, align them to the same centerpoint, make a blend, expand the blend and ungroup it to get separate circles. Then draw 2 ...


Some research in the GitHub comments and on Google Fonts revealed that the font actually is Ubuntu in the Bold 700 style:


Clipping masks in Illustrator aren't the same as in Photoshop. In fact, they are sort of reversed. In Photoshop... Layer containing content to be clipped Layer defining boundaries of clip area (text layer, shape layer, etc) Then you Option/Alt-click between the layers and the top layer is clipped to the bottom layer. In Illustrator.... Shape defining ...


This question is really subjective, but for what it's worth, here are my opinions . . . I think the logos are too busy, and need to be simplified somewhat The colours are a rather garish/in-your-face. The bottom one is more subdued though The whole look is quite angular/boxy, giving a kind of construction industry feel. I'm thinking plumber, metal ...


So many good points made. First and foremost - can your customer relate to your corporate and product identity? What resonates with YOU should not be the main focus of your branding - it seems to me that would be a huge gamble. If that was a successful approach, market research would be much less important, rebranding would largely be a waste of time and ...

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