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I’m a graphic designer, some school and self taught and I think that if you are designing for trillion dollar companies like symamtec and the antivirus scan summary analogy; that makes sense with licensing and things to receive royalties as a designer; however, the backend of product base design royalties also leaves the gateway to understand and register ...


A pdf file or an illustrator file uses vectors, this means you can enlarge them to any size and it will look fine. A png is a bitmap file, this means its made up of individual pixels. Decide how big it needs to be (in pixels) then export to that size. The illustrator export has some options to do this, you can also open the illustrator file in photoshop, ...


Absolutely you can use Black / White / Grey Scales only as an option to the real brand color. :)


If you will use Corel Draw, you have a possibility within vectorizing plugin to set different levels and get only four colors.


This question is really subjective, but for what it's worth, here are my opinions . . . I think the logos are too busy, and need to be simplified somewhat The colours are a rather garish/in-your-face. The bottom one is more subdued though The whole look is quite angular/boxy, giving a kind of construction industry feel. I'm thinking plumber, metal ...

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