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I also use PowerPoint 365 under Windows 10 (due to the pandemic), but typeset my equations using IquanaTex. This PowerPoint add-in provides you with LaTeX' superior equation capability without the annoying loss of animation. I've considered using animate.sty in LaTeX, but that is a true pain. The combination of PowerPoint's reasonable animation capability ...


I was looking for a similar thing and found this post very helpful.


Two parts: I. The software is about the final product. Do you need it to be mass printed? or it is just for electronic use, or to be printed in the office? If it is to be mass printed you need a program that makes a suitable output. Illustrator, Corel Draw, Affinity designer. If you need "for a lot of different" products you probably need to ...


I know this is an old question, but the latest versions of PowerPoint place a [►] play button on the GIF that can be played in in the Normal View.


Change the file type of your .pptx file to .zip (morph-image-list-example.pptx → Extract the contents of the .zip file Open the folder titled "ppt" and then open the "media" folder Replace the image file but keep the file name the same Return to the root folder that contains the "ppt" folder ...

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