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The simple fact of the matter is that there are too many screen sizes, from phones to large desktop monitors and everything in between, and differences in user setup for this question to be exactly answered with a specific number. The more important thing is to convey the design requirements to your frontend developer. A good frontend developer can take ...


Yes. GIMP's native file format is XCF. It's the format you should use to save your original work for future editability (whether it's being used as a template or not). It's a lossless format, and it preserves all layers, and editable text layers. Although GIMP also supports PSD to some degree, you should use XCF for full compatibility with GIMP. However, ...


No standards, as these items can have infinite variations. Talk to your printer. If a printer has not been attributed, design whatever it is you are designing with adjustments in mind. Make it so you can easily adjust artwork when you do get to talk to the actual printer.

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