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You could try using Content Aware scaling in Photoshop. My screen isn't the same aspect ratio either, but with a little bit of Content Aware scaling, and manually fixing a few parts that got messed up, I was able to get a reasonable result. Note that Content Aware scaling is not perfect, and success will depend on the image. Example showing before and ...


you have 4 options: edit the image, currently it has a different proportion than the space you're trying to fill add black bars to top+bottom stretch the image to fit, deforming it scale the image proportionally until it fits the space, but it will crop the image Alternatively, you could edit the TV to fit your image.


It's like some color lights seen as reflected by a little worn aluminium foil paper or cardboard. Here's at first an attempt to synthesize something resembling: For a start paint some colors which together fill a layer totally: Then apply a heavy Gaussian blur: As you see the blurring reduces fully black, white and all original color areas, have them as ...

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