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In InDesign, the Keep Options determine if a paragraph is allowed to break its lines onto a new page. The default is "do nothing at all": – that is, text may break anywhere. You can manually fix text by inserting page breaks, but a far better option is to adjust the Keep Options. Do this in your Paragraph Styles if you have them. (And if you don't,...


I don't believe there is a simple solution to this. But I'll show you a semi-automated solution which shouldn't be too cumbersome. Make a duplicate of your "Body Copy" paragraph style (here called "Body Copy with Term") and apply it to every paragraph containing the "Term" character style using this method. Create a character style for page numbers (here ...


Enter Edit > Find/Change and choose the Text tab. Make sure that the Find what and Change to fields are empty. Set Search to Document. Click the Find Format field and choose the character style used for the titles. Click the Change Format and choose the paragraph style you want to apply to each opening paragraph. Click Change All.

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