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Convert the path using Path > Stroke to Path. This will turn the stroke into a closed shape with a fill. Now it should work. Example


Have Smart Guides and (if you want point snaps) Snap to Point ON, no other snaps. You can draw a dummy straight line along the wanted route, stretch it to wanted length by holding Shift (=the angle stays) Convert it to guide by applying View > Guides > Make Guide. Actually a guide is not a must, the dummy line does the same, but it can cause harms if ...


So, you want to continue path AB from the endpoint B so that B has symmetric anchor handles, just the same handles as B had before you started the continuation process. You are NOT going to draw approximately right new handles. There's a workaround: Make a 180 degrees rotated copy (=blue) of the curve. Move it so that the copy starts from B. It should snap ...


You can only continue a path by clicking the end anchor with the Pen Tool. If you want a handle on the continuation side, then you need to click-drag with the Pen Tool. Merely selecting the end anchor with the Direct Selection Tool has never had anything to do with continuing the path in Illustrator. I can't speak to Fireworks, never used it.

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