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I'm sure there could be different approaches, here are couple ideas. Scripting approach. A script would create selections based on blocks and fill them. I made two versions: one fills with average color of the selection, the other selects a color in the center of a block. Results: // using average blur function main() { var img = [


With a Pattern Swatch, as defined in Illustrator, it is not possible to accomplish this. Pattern swatches in Illustrator always clip to the tile bounds. There's no feature or mechanism to define objects within a pattern that ignore any tile clipping. In fact, the entire point of a pattern is to repeat to the clipping. That being posted, you may be able to ...


Borderless printing is a function of the printer. It has nothing to do with any software setting. Most end use printers will require a small margin around the entire page, and slightly larger margins for the gripper edge. I would merely print three pages.. adding a center artboard to cover the overlap area. With 3 pieces you can easily stitch them together.

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