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It's not possible include animated content in an Interactive PDF. However, three other formats that can be exported by InDesign support some version of looping content: Animated GIFs (supported by FXL Epub, Publish Online, in5 HTML) Looped Video (FXL Epub, Publish Online, in5 HTML) Multi-State Object Slideshow (in5 HTML) Image Sequences (in5 HTML) Looping ...


open PSB in Illustrator and save for PDF


The easiest way is to convert your fonts to outline, So printer will don't need fonts for it.


This is entirely dependent upon the structure of the PDF. If the PDF was created from live type, then a viewer with search features should be abele to detect the type. I can't speak for Preview directly on the Mac. I've always found it insufficient for anything other than "look at that". Using Adobe Reader/Acrobat may yield better results. However.... If ...


Not if the PDF is saved correctly and the font licensing allows for embedding fonts. If you save a PDF as a PDF/X compatible file, by default fonts (or a subset) are embedded within the PDF. There should be no need to have actual font files to output the PDF. However, if someone wants to open that PDF in something like Illustrator, they then would need the ...


I've been creating a booklet file and adding the other files as pages to it before using the Print Booklet function. If you go to layout > pages > move pages, there's an option to move to another file, which duplicates it into that file. Make sure you move all pages.


Just disable "Create PDF Compatible File" tick when you save.


I have Adobe InDesign CC2019 and what was suggested by User15812 worked. I'm pretty sure it also works with CS6. There's something you've got to make sure you get right, and that is that you choose in "Save As Type: Adobe PDF (Interactive)" By default, the option is "Adobe PDF (Print)" After you choose "Adobe PDF (Interactive) and click save, you'll be ...


I am no Acrobat expert but a quick perusal of the features of Acrobat DC shows it should be possible to combine the PDFs into one document, then do a search and replace, then extract each page as a separate PDF. Try that.


Maybe they don't have access to InDesign. If you have to use Illustrator, I'd say first create ALL the artboards you need (not completely necessary but might as well). Then go to board #1 and create the Guide(s) you want. After you're done, highlight the guides and "Cut", then use "Paste on All Artboards". That should add your margins to every page in ...


As you have the source, it is very easy to produce individual files for each tikzpicture by using the externalize library. The following example needs to be compiled with -shell-escape enabled and will produce not only the document itself, but also document-figure0.pdf and document-figure1.pdf. As an additional advantage, this will speed up the ...

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