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If you start off with a form like below you have several options to straighten up the margins:. You can you alt drag the form, change to white and if needed bring some elements to the front/back. Or you can add a stroke to the bottom shape. In the 'stroke panel' select "more options" in the top right and then choose "align stroke to outside&...


Simply, you dont use pentool. What you do is you use the offset command, effect or expanded stroke to give you a curve that is offset uniformly. In this case you ofset the lower shape. Then you use this curve in conjunction with shapebuilder, pathfinder, scissors to build the curve you need.


It's just pixelated... Export it in higher resolution. For example put dpi to 1200 when exporting or increase the artboard size. You may also want to read about the difference of pixel and vector based images.


While it's nice to be able to use automatic rounding (Live Corners) available in the later CC versions of Illustrator, it's entirely possible to recreate nice curves manually with just the Pen tool. The rounded corner effect in CS6 is not really up to the job TBH. Example. This was made in Illustrator CC, but I just made the curve manually with the Pen tool. ...


That "tutorial image" is not using the round corners effect. The round corner effect has a limit, you can see that in your image. There's no way to overcome the limit without altering the underlying angle. If you increase the angle of the joint, the rounding will be smoother. The effect will only round so far and can often be sort of oblong for ...

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