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I think there is some major color profile confusion going on here. When I download the low res version with the vibrant colors you like, I notice that its color profile is Adobe RGB. The hi res version is Untagged RGB but I assume it's sRGB. Here are the two images side by side: If I wrongly assign Adobe RGB to the hi res version, it gets more vibrant and ...


You can apply the colors of the low-res image to the hi-res image quite easily, because our perception of the details is mostly based on luminosity and not on color or saturation(*). Open the high-res image File ➤ Open as layers the low-res image Scale it up to match the hi-res image. This will make it blurry. Here is for instance, your image, artificially ...


Looking at the pictures you posted, it seems to me that the ones you consider "duller and less vibrant" are actually higher quality images, not just in resolution, but in color information. This is a detail taken from the "duller" image: This is the same detail from the "more vibrant" one: It seems obvious to me that a lot of ...


Things you could improve on: that man needs a face. also that photo is blurry and processed like its the 90's again. use sharp, natural looking photos everything is too dark modern fashion shops will start with men and women categories directly. homepage, about us and contact us should be moved to the footer and/or gray topbar. look at h&m or something ...


Your question is a bit opinion based, but I'll give you my opinion anyway. I don't think there's anything actually wrong with the layout of the page. I'm not too fond of the bright red band, but that's more of personal taste thing. I think the main problem is the crop of the photograph. Totally chopping off heads and hands is a big no-no in photo ...


In many cultures men do not like to carry something which is called beauty. They want to look upstanding, intelligent, wealthy and doing well. And at least in far west many women do the same. Use more gender neutral positive slogan. If you have something for men and women show them both in the image. You cannot create an illusion of how one is doing without ...


Surprisingly, I've found that the software that came with my Silhouette Vinyl Cutter has an incredible bitmap to vector translation. I use Illustrator for work and wish I had the silhouette software installed on that PC just for that one purpose.


Here you go: var doc = app.activeDocument; var layer = doc.activeLayer; var b = layer.bounds; var layer_width = b[2] - b[0]; var layer_height = b[3] - b[1]; // put the layer in center var layer_center_x = b[0] + layer_width/2; var layer_center_y = b[1] + layer_height/2; var doc_center_x = doc.width/2; var doc_center_y = doc.height/2; var shift_x = ...


Inserting new shapes to an existing image is a common task. In Photoshop it isn't a single click effect which has an established name. In 3D programs it can sometimes succeed with very little effort and there it's called image or artwork mapping, but in Photoshop it generally needs some work and several steps to look plausible. As already said by others this ...


It's called perspective distortion. Unfortunately the example you posted is not a very convincing example. The distortion hasn't been done properly and looks very amateurish. Use Image > Transform > Distort Like this


Just make the selection of the part you want to change color of. I'll use pen too for that. After that, apply Gradient Map adjustment layer to it. Add 4 or 5 color nodes and slide accordingly till you get desired result. (You will still need to manually fix unwanted pink spots left behind after applying gradient map, for better finishing) Gradient Map:


Adobe Acrobat has Enhance Scans in Tools:


The latest version of Photoshop CC 2021 has a new one-click Remove Background feature. It's not quite as good as preparing your own mask manually, but it seems to do a fairly decent job. To use it: Open an image, and click on the Background lock icon in the layers panel to convert the image to a normal layer. Also note, the following procedure won't work on ...


That could be because your monitor display and mobile display could possibly be different in technology and color reproduction. Some mobiles have better displays than most desktop displays.

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