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Make image edges at an angle in Photoshop

I used selecection then invert selection and filters > oil paint. With great results. Thanks all for the answers!
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is there any way to blur only area on images in bulk in irfan view

If all the images are the same size, and the rectangle is the same size, you could use the "watermark" feature. Here is a screen capture of the series of windows you need to use inside File &...
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How to make a rust backround image photoshop

What follows isn't a full tutorial, just the basic steps. I did this fairly roughly and quickly for demonstration purposes, but you can take more time and care. Make a grunge brush or find one online. ...
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How to make a rust backround image photoshop

"Paint it!" is a good option and it's already suggested by others. Just in case you are not going to obey it here's some separate tricks to try with effects. Your example has many colors ...
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