Replace the word to censor with an equal length innocuous word. For example, many websites will censor words like "kill" or "fxxx" and substitute "hugs". Or substitute "murder" with "lovely". Or "shxx" with "love". Etc... One could do the same for any word really. It looks like a standard ...


Just blur it out or cover it with black boxes. If the actual text isn't important, it's not something you've written, and it'll only be visible briefly, why not just cover it with a blur or a black box? If it's someone else's profanity, maybe leave the first letter visible so that people can tell what word it is without the word itself being visible; if it's ...


Instead of the typical black box for censoring, use a gray that is roughly equal to the visual weight/value of the word.


In order to not draw attention to certain words you could blur these words and a random amount of other words as well. or a whole sub sequence of words where the concerned words are contained Thus there is some blurring, but as it's 'quite some blurring' no particular attention will be drawn to a few particular words


Personal opinion: I never include the http/https -- few consumers are cognizant of the s being there. Many merely look for the lock icon in the browser if they are concerned about security. It's only those in the tech industry that may even be aware of what the s means. In short, it's not a selling point for a large portion of the public. ....and either way.....

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