When you have to make a design for printing you should always use CMYK Nope. You could use RGB for example when the primary element is a photo, and when the print will be on a digital printer because it could probably need to use its own internal conversion for whatever inks the print is using. Or you could need to use a duotone with spot inks. Or CMYK+...


The Epson L805 is a standard, low-end, end-user, inkjet printer. It is not capable of CMYK nor does it have a Postscript level 3 RIP. In short, it's nothing overly special and its not designed for use with high-end professional-level software such as Adobe Illustrator. It's a "mom & pop" printer, designed to print things an average user would print - ...


Regarding scale for printers, don't worry about calculating area. 50% applies to dimensions. So a 70 x 40 print at 50% would just be 35 x 20. Always verify with your print provider, but this is pretty much a universal practice.

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