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There are some hobby machines that cut vinyl letters and logos that could do it. Go to a Michael's or Hobby Lobby and check them out. They are used to decorate t-shirts but it could go on paper.


This is how I have done full bleed for "Letter Size" 8.5" X 11" I hope it helps someone. Set up Business Card with bleed (I use .0625” for bleed settings) This helps fit 10 cards into a letter size paper. Export to pdf (use bleed settings, no crop marks) Create new document. 8.5 x 11. no margin, no bleed Import Full bleed pdf Click on upper right box on “...


Every time someone wants to print a file at 300 PPI on sizes beyond 1 m, I really wonder if they needed it. Well, in reality, I know they do not. Let me explain some things about the 300 PPI "myth". Let me start with a flat sheeted offset, for example, a movie poster of good quality of course. On the prepress process, these images need to be transformed ...


We had a similar problem once. We had some rather big files that we created as PSBs for a "car wrap". In our case, I believe we ended up having to size the file down small enough to save as a PSD. Then we ended up doing an Import to Illustrator and used the Image Trace. The design was simple enough in our case that we were able to make it work that way....

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