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Jpeg being resized when saving on Illustrator

See if checking "Use Artboards" in the export dialog box helps.
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From Raster to Vector

The answer to your question is tentatively: No. The answer to this question is is dependent on how you define quality. And if your asking then the answer is almost certainly no. But look at the ...
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From Raster to Vector

The answer is the same as the other post. Use Virtual Dub 2. It has filters to resample the video. If you want to upscale individual images use Upscaly. But ...
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Scale down an image in GIMP without losing resolution

If the downscaling factor is an integer, e.g., we want to scale by 2x from exactly 800x600 to 400x300, then the best results (in most cases at least) would be obtained by using area downscaling (see ...
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