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It's not a font, the difference between the same characters is too small to be an alternative glyph design and too different to be the same character of a font. Check the two "i" and "o". The hardness of the stroke suggests that these are characters made manually, scanned, traced and mounted in a vector drawing program.


Dynamic naming while exporting might be a little complicated: I believe you'll need to create the whole exporter as a script this way. However mass change artboards names is super easy with scripting. For example this one will change all artboards of the document to DocumentName ArtBoardName var docName =\.[^.]+$/g, ""); // ...


Since the provided script is for Photoshop (there's a textItem), I'll go with Photoshop answer. This script doesn't account for text scale: and if your text layer explodes this is probably because it was scaled. For some reason, there's an obscure property inside text layers in Photoshop that's used for calculations: basically if you've typed text in 15pt ...


You simply draw another text frame and link the text to that frame:


There are many scripts that can achieve what you want. I do use simple and efficient StorySplitter. You can also check out extensive article about this topic here

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