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I do not believe you can. Illustrator doesn't work on "marquee selections". Like all vector applications, Illustrator is object oriented. "Marquee selections" are more pixel-based. You can manually use the Lasso Tool to select objects within a given area, but I think that's as close as you'll get.


Frame challenge: seeing what you are needing to accomplish in your floorplan, I'd suggest an alternate workflow - instead of drawing a bunch of lines to make a hatch, use illustrator's pattern fills and make your life easier as the design iterates over time. If you look at the appearance palette in this screengrab, you'll see that there's one polygon, with ...


If the desire is to merely have a squared-off, rectangular, bounding box.. Select the object(s) and choose Object > Transform > Reset Bounding Box from the menu. This will remove the rotated bounding box and replace it with a squared-off bounding box which will no longer adhere to the rotation of the objects. This means any dragging you do with the new ...


Are those lines made with strokes? If so, I think choosing Object > Expand will solve the issue.

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