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How do you export the original image that was inserted in a Sketch document?

Make a duplicate of your Sketch file Rename the file extension from .sketch to .zip Extract the zip file Find your image in the /images subfolder of the newly created folder
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How to add a break line in a Symbol override?

Option + return inserts a new line of text, whilst control + return inserts a line break.
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Alternative for Sketch on Windows?

After trying a bunch of Windows applications, I haven't found anything equivalent to Sketch for Windows. And no, Illustrator and such are NOT Sketch alternatives. Fireworks is probably the closest, ...
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Is there a way to 'unsymbol' an artboard in sketch?

Select the artboard/symbol, go to: Layer → Convert Symbol to Artboard.
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Expand a shape in Sketch

The accepted answer seems to be deprecated as of Sketch 3.6.1 Layer > Paths > Vectorize Stroke is gone, instead now we got Layer > Convert to Outlines
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How to set Text on Path on outside path in Sketch?

i wanted to add a new answer which doesn't create transforms and/or rotations on your text-path. (if you're exporting it to SVG). If you want the text to be on the outside of the shape you should do ...
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Cutting a area from a circle in Sketch 3

You can use scissors to cut part of the circle. Draw circle, select Edit mode, add two points, press Enter. Part between these two point we can delete later. Select Layer -> Paths -> Scissors Hover ...
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Sketch: how to scroll to selected element

Use ⌘+3 to center the selected layer in the Canvas. Alternatively you can use the the menu: View>Center Selection.
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Alternative for Sketch on Windows?

Some other valid options for 2017: Gravit Designer: This is a very young product and as such it's still lacking many features, but for now it's a good vector editor, and the roadmap promises a lot ...
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Alternative for Sketch on Windows?

2018 update: Lunacy — reads and saves .sketch files (native Windows app, free) Figma — reads .sketch files (browser-based, freemium) Disclosure: I'm one of the authors of Lunacy. I have no relation ...
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Disable snapping to pixel grid

You probably figured this out, but the snapping seems to be integral to the smart guides. If you turn off the smart guides, you can move and resize objects without them trying to snap align to ...
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Open source software capable of open Sketch files

While not open source, SketchTool is free and from the same company. It's advertised as An OS X command-line app for exporting Pages and Slices out of .sketch documents. I don't know if that ...
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How to connect two separate paths in sketch app?

One way to go is to select your paths, go to Layer -> Paths -> Join
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Can't see what I'm typing in Sketch

I'm a Sketch beginner and this happened to me as well. I've realised the text colour and fills are different things. I had this setting on for my text and it was behaving exactly as you described: ...
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Resize artboard to content in Sketch

This question has not been accepted and I think what OP were looking for is resize the artboard to fit to the content with it, and thus it got no answer so far. While I don't know when this feature ...
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Open source software capable of open Sketch files

Sketch is capable of exporting PDF files. I would simply ask the designer to send you a PDF version of the art; any other solution will be overly convoluted.
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Sketch: vertical text alignment

Sketch only allows to vertically center text if they are fixed and do not using the native line-height of the font. This is how you can active the vertical alignment options: Create a text layer ...
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How can I subtract a circle from an image in Sketch?

We can subtract a circle from image in sketch-app using a rectangle shape with hole (subtracted circle shape) as mask for the image (bitmap/ png/jpeg). Example: Step 1: Image above background ...
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Exporting a slice in Sketch with transparent background around

It's actually very easy if you know how to do it :) Suppose you have an icon that is 24x24px and you want the png to be 32x32px. You have to create a slice over the icon. The slice must be 32x32px. ...
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Color mismatching on sketch exports

The developers are aware of the issue but aren't willing to fix it, they consider it a 'feature'. When we export an image, we interpret our color values in the sRGB colorspace. We also save the ...
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Creating asymetrical gradients

The easiest way to do this is create massive circles of your chosen colors, as solids, and then apply VERY strong blurs to the image, as an effect, and move, scale and change colors of the underlying ...
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How do I feather a mask in Sketch?

You can get a feathering effect in some cases using alpha masking. However, this doesn't allow you to feather complex (or some simple) shapes in an easy way. Alpha masking allows you to mask using an ...
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Sketch 3 Text Wrap

"You can't get there from here." This is a GLARING omission from an otherwise excellent app, which should include the layout capabilities of all basic CSS. Float/wrap is intrinsic to web layout and ...
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Sketch 3 - Is there a way to export all artboards in a .sketch file from multiple Pages?

For a single page you can export all artboards at once like this: Edit > Select all art boards Layer > Make exportable Now you can export art boards. For example I have four art boards:
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How do I break a combined shape into separate pieces?

so, here are a few steps that should make for a smooth sailing: create necessary shapes (circle at the bottom, several rectangles starting from the circle center (or lines that you will later need to ...
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Resize/transform text in Sketch?

Cmd+K (or clicking Scale on the toolbar) seems to be the only option.
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Image gets squished when overriding in a symbol in Sketch App

You can do this by adding an image fill to your shape. Make sure you select Fill (and not Fit, Stretch or Tile). You can then override the image just like you would any other.
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Combine Two Vector Shapes into One, With One Path (in Sketch App)

Came here looking for an answer, but stumbled upon the solution myself while working through the one suggested here. Select your shapes/paths and "Join" them: Layer > Paths > Join.
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Sketch - Arc Shape?

Just updated this: brand new Segmented Circle 2.0 Sketch plugin. Automatically create precise segmented circular graphics for diagrams, instrumentation and analytics. Huge update adds multi value pie ...
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SKETCH : How to updade a Button's Symbols but not change the TextLabel's content?

Symbols - Exclude Text (from Sketch documentation) You can easily do this with Symbols, by selecting a text layer inside a Symbol and checking the Exclude Text Value from Symbol checkbox. Any edits ...
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