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It is a trade-of. When you have a application geared to make indirect modeling you usually don't want to introduce too many direct modeling features, because it dilutes the meaning of your application. Pretty soon you have direct modeling application that has obscure indirect features.* Geogebra is a indirect modeler where the purpose is to tell the computer ...


If you want to do simple things to be sent in electronic format you can use the free version of canva.com Designing is not an easy task, and that web page gives you some simple tools to add elements to some already defined templates.


If you are printing these yourself on a home printer, you may already have software that you could use, such as a word processor, like MS Word. Or painting software such as MS Paint. Sure these are pretty basic, but you could use them to layout a simple print project with text and graphics/photographs. If you don't have or want to buy or use MS Office ...

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