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Panoramas which are put together of discrete shots have often complex distortions generated by the panorama stitcher when it tried to crush the seams to fit. If the panoramas taken in day and evening do not have otherwise identical sets of shots except the light, the panoramas probably have totally different distortions - for ex. because the lens apertures ...


Personally I don't agree that everyone should concentrate on one thing and hire/team up with other people for different disciplines: while this is true for a lot of situations, not necessarily for all of them. I know quite a lot of coders who also create beautiful graphics for their games, I know a lot of artists who are able to write code or make music for ...


I will attempt an answer here, but the question is really very broad. It's almost asking how to draw which is far too broad a topic. It's possible to create such images using a scanned pencil or digital sketch. I'm not going to go into details on how to sketch or draw. That's something you would have to learn if you want to do this from scratch. It's far ...


This will not answer your question, but probably will solve your problem. Do not waste time learning stuff that takes YEARS to do it properly. Focus the time to polish your programming, story, interaction. Hire or associate with a designer or illustrator.

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