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If you know the radius of the circle, and the number of dashes you want then the exact dash array can be computed using: ((2 π r) / numberOfDashes) - dashGap So for a circle of radius 100, with 6 dashes and a gap between the dashes of 30, you'd use: ((‭6.283 * 100) / 6) - 30 = ‭74.720 stroke-dasharray="74.720 30" The same principle works for any ...


There is a very simple way to fix such an issue, if it is still an SVG circle and has not been converted to paths. You can engage the Circle tool, and hold down Ctrl as you click and drag one of the two square control handles. This will rescale the circle proportionally. You can then scale the Circle until the dashes separate. Example: If the object has ...


I was able to reasonably duplicate your image, without fill as that aspect is inconsequential. After creating the circle with a "stock" dashed configuration, I rotated it to ensure that the longer dash also rotated, to approximately 4:32 position. This image below is from the XML editor: As you can see, well, you could if you click on the image, there is a ...


One trick ...... But let me explain with example: 1, example set up like this: 2, convert lower line text layer into smart object, then ctrl+J to make a copy layer, this is the trick, these 2 layers link to the same smart object, if you change spelling in that smart object, the 2 layers will change text at the same time. 3, add effect to the top layer, ...


It is how the Pen Tool works. If you click 100 times, it will create a 100-point shape with connected segments, which can look like a polygon if you have a fill color applied. With the object selected, hit Shift+X to reverse the fill into a stroke and make it look like an actual 'L'.


The pen tool forms a path. It looks like you have a dark blue fill in your stroke and fill settings. Change the fill to "no fill" and you should just see the paths (with whatever stroke you have set). Any open path (which is not a closed shape) will fill even without being closed.


Noticed this is old question, but incase someone looking for a solution with stroke alignment I made this video: Basically what I did is create a stroke preset that cut in half using Width Tool and save it on Graphic Styles so you can apply it to any stroke.

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