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Although it's slightly off, some of this is a little like futurism of the 1990s and 2000s, the techno aesthetic. The Y2K Aesthetic feed is great for inspiration for fonts and color schemes of that time.


I've seen this same question a few times recently. There's no name for it, really, ok its a "trend" right now, everybody seems to be doing it, but nobody gave it an actual name. This guy Cosmin Serban sure does use the term flat illustration alot on his Youtube channel where you probably have that second screenshot from. The name flat 2.0 illustration seems ...


I hope we do not have a name for every "style" of "stuff" because we would need to learn a lot of names because the combinations are exponential. Sayed that: You have to differentiate several things about a character. The underlying idea below it. I will make a list of ideas you can use for your search. In this case, I see geometric 3D cartoon as a base. ...

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