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How can one remove the outline of a selection?

Use the “Stroke paint” tab (instead of your “Stroke style” one) and click on the leftmost button: Or select your object, then Shift+click the cross on the leftmost position in the color palette: Or ...
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Font forge - SVG Import not working

You're using the stroke-dasharray feature of SVG to create that effect, but fonts usually don't use strokes and don't understand that. They only care about contours. Convert your paths to outlines in ...
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How do I get potrace commands out of inkscape?

Billy's linked question was helpful, but unfortunately Potrace only does black and white tracing and I couldn't use the windows binary provided. Instead, I found this post on the Inkscape forum that ...
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How to export clipping mask in illustrator

Here is an example SVG with a clipping path made in Illustrator. It's basically some straight lines which have been grouped, and a circle applied as a clipping path. There is no problem here. The SVG ...
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