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How to vertically center text within a box in Inkscape, obtaining the same result than CSS "align-items: center;"?

Maybe there is a better way, but you can drag a text boundary with the text tool that is the same size as the rectangle object using snapping, then set the line-height to the height of the box in 'px' ...
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InDesign CC: Text won't go to top of frame (checked all other issues)

I had the same problem. Playing around with the text frame options did not help. I found out that the problem has to do with the paragraph style. Open Paragraph Style Options and go to Indents and ...
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Inkscape 1.2.2: How to resize existing Text objects and have that object be the last used style for newly added Text objects

I agree that setting the text-style to use for new objects can be a bit finicky. I've found that opening the 'Text → Text and Font...' panel and using the 'Set as default' button works a bit more ...
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