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Looking for a tool / technique to edit rasterised text and retain the style. Alternatively, how to accomplish such a text effect?

You can't edit raster text; it's converted from editable vector text (independent from the background) into bitmap pixels (background and text are the same). What you can do: create your own ...
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Indesign, text box that reflects file name every time I save?

I found my own answer, In a text box I placed a piece of static information and then the text variable "output date": "store 7 (output date)" I copy and pasted this everywhere I ...
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How do I remove unwanted Text Frame space in Indesign?

i had the same issue, and pressing 'enter' at the end of the line fixed it !
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Path text gets distorted when converting PSD to PDF

Maybe a little bit late, But to document it I have the same problem (7 years later). Instead of Flattening my PSD files, I exported it first to PNG and then merged it as PDF.
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