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You very likely imported a non-transparent PNG. How did you obtain the PNG? There are sites in the web that deliver a non-transparent PNG unless you pay.... You can check the PNG in your browser(s) (File>Open... in Firefox, drag and drop in Firefox and Chrome). These browsers don't display transparency as a checkerboard so if there is a checkerboard it is ...


Use the pointer dialog (Windows > Dockable dialog > Pointer). It will show you the pixel value (in many forms, RGBA, RGBA as percent.., HSV...) and with the hex notation, at the pointer position, for the active layer or for the whole image ("Sample merged" option).


If you have a background layer or any layers underneath the colour you wish to sample, hide them in the layers panel by unchecking the Eye icon, so that you can see the transparency grid through the colour. You can unhide them later. Do Windows > Dockable dialogs > Sample points Hold down Ctrl and click and drag from the ruler to drop a sample point ...

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