Mainly because: The dash is not part of people's keyboard. But the weird hyphen/minus character is (I mean ideally we would use minus for minus and hyphen for hyphen but that is just how it is). Most people do not know about typography. It's not terribly wrong in the general audience's opinion either. So saying it is incorrect is slightly stretching things ...


I grew up in the heyday of peer-to-peer file sharing, and I first heard a lot of the bands I love now through mp3s shared by friends, pen pals, and generous strangers. Wherever they came from, most of those mp3s were labeled in the “artist - song” format, and if they weren’t I changed them to match. I think a lot of people did the same. I can think of a few ...


There's a lot of theory about soap as well, but most people find out about washing hands in case of a global medical emergency — most people have no idea what dashes are and Youtube does not employ designers/typographers to fix names and descriptions in whatever is being uploaded — it is mass content and it is, what it is.


It can be made easily with Envelope distortion if you accept a bit simpler arragement of the crosses and let them be distorted: Draw the zero shape, make the hole by subtracting the mid part from an ellipse. Prepare a chunk of crosses. Different sizes are easiest to make in the beginning with blending: Split the zero to halves horizontally and vertically ...


Constructs intended for machine-processing should generally use ASCII characters when practical. If a name is rendered using non-ASCII characters, it may get transformed to something else when a file is moved between systems, foiling efforts to e.g. take a list of files and import it into a table. Using consistent ASCII characters avoids such issues.


Standard usage changes with technology. Since typesetters and editors are no longer the gate keepers of published text, I am sure the ‘proper’ use of en/em dashes will change. I mean, who really cares about correct hyphenation any more? Who really knows how to hyphenate manually? A very select few.


This is in Illustrator. It uses the most basic functions. Top left: A circle is drawn and Type on Path was inserted. The circle became invisible by default. Top right: A new circle is drawn. It snaps easily to the same center as the 1st one if you have smart guides and snap to point ON. Btm left: The new circle is splitted with the scissors and the extra ...

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