Possibly worth looking at https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/kinobrand/nixin?tab=glyphs which appears to have been designed as a 'nixie alike' font. Though it puts a foot on the '1' in ultralight(but not on other font weights) and has a closed '4'. And of course it is not free. Of course it depends where your nixie tubes were made... if they are genuine Nixie or ...


Here are a few options that you may find useful: Code Light Regular NeutraTextTF-LightAlt Brandon Grotesque Thin Gotham Thin


I don't know the exact font but I have a few ideas for your project (would really like to know what font it is though): Period accurate geometric sans serifs for a jumping off point: Univers - 1957 Futura - 1927 Also a condensed geometric font like Gotham Condensed (based on Futura but made in the 2000s) may give you the effect you want. For the nixie ...

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