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Just found an easy way via Safari. Right click on element, Inspect Element, then in the Inspector right click on the element node you want to export and pick Capture Screenshot. This to me keeps transparency. Safari Version 13.1 (14609.


Inconsolata now has plenty of different widths apart from regular width: SemiCondensed, Condensed, ExtraCondensed, UltraCondensed SemiExpanded, Expanded, ExtraExpanded, UltraExpanded


You could do it in Photoshop. The quickest and easiest way for a non-designer might be to buy or find a PSD mockup template, and just fill them with the screen content. Just google "PSD mockup template for tablet phone desktop" to find some. I'm not affiliated with Adobe, and don't really want to advertise for them, but there are many such good quality PSD ...


You are correct that cogwheel does not directly relate to telecom. As it is used by Apple, it means "settings", or more broadly, behind the scenes processes. Look at the essence of your list of services - at the most basic level it is data transmission, and at some stage it is all transmitted wirelessly via radio waves. I would recommend full or partial ...


Different ways to approach this, some inspiration via the Noun Project:

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