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Questions about Adobe Experience Design, a tool to design and prototype websites and mobile apps with.
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Questions about Affinity Designer, a vector editor for OS X and Windows.
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Affinity Publisher is a desktop publishing application for macOS and Windows.
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Questions about alignment; the placement of elements in relation to other elements, or to a visible or invisible reference in the design. It's a gestalt principle, applicable to every type of design. …
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Questions about the use of ambigrams in typographic design where the reading of a word or phrase is maintained or changed when viewed from a different direction, perspective or orientation of either t…
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Anchor points are points on a vector path that allow a change of direction. Each anchor point has control handles that allow you to control how tightly or loosely you can bend the curve at each of the…
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Questions about designing for Android, an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Specific measurements and guidelines are common when designing graphics for diff…
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Questions about simple animation tasks. Ask anything related to designing graphics for animations. If you have a complex, software-related question, you may find better results by posting it on a Stac…
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Anime Studio is a two dimensional animation software application for creating movies, cartoons, anime, and cut out animations.
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Questions about the technique of smoothing transitions between color fields within an image to combat the jagged or rough edges that appear due to aliasing. Anti-aliasing is used in digital photograph…
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Refers to textiles made into clothing.
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Appearance attributes are properties that affect the look of an object without altering its underlying structure. Appearance attributes include fills, strokes, transparency, and effects. If you apply …
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Application software is a set of one or more programs designed to carry out operations for a specific application. Application software cannot run on itself but is dependent on system software to exec…
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Questions about designing with the Arabic alphabet, or calligraphy / formatting / composing / styling text in Arabic.
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Questions about the regions that can contain printable artwork. You resize and set the orientation for your artwork by choosing settings in the Artboard Options dialog box.
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The American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) is a character-encoding scheme originally based on the English alphabet that encodes 128 specified characters - the numbers 0-9, the lett…
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Questions about Computer Aided Design software developed by Autodesk; used mainly in engineering and architecture environments. Since engineering is out of scope you need to make sure that your questi…
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This is a CAD application, make sure your question relates to graphic design. General questions on how to use are likely to be off topic.
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Inventor is a mechanical design and 3D CAD software which offers professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools. Inventor is not normally used for graphic design…
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Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro sketching software for Windows® or Mac® computers is a professional-grade painting app that is easy to use for every artist.
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Questions about automation, the process of recording or scripting multiple actions for a software to take to complete a desired task without direct user interaction. Professional designers tend to aut…
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Axonometric projection is a type of parallel projection used for creating a pictorial drawing of an object, where the object is rotated along one or more of its axes relative to the plane of projectio…
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Questions about the Axure software package published by Axure Software Solutions, Inc, In the creation of mockups and click-through prototypes.
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Questions about creating and editing background contents, textures, patterns, colors and effects. Ask anything related to designing graphics for background images.
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Questions about making the opaque backgrond of an image transparent.
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Questions about balance, or imbalance, in design. Balance is a key ingredient of good design, and cannot always be achieved mathematically / automatically. Ask anything related to creating balance or …
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