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Questions about balance, or imbalance, in design. Balance is a key ingredient of good design, and cannot always be achieved mathematically / automatically. Ask anything related to creating balance or …
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Questions about batch processing, a technique of automatically applying the same set of commands/actions to a collection of files. It can save time for designers who need to apply the same process to …
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Online platform to showcase & discover creative work.
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Questions about preferred methods of achieving an effect or other result. Using best practices may affect, amongst others, compatibility, degradation, and usability.
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Questions related to creating an angle between multiple shapes which is not a right angle.
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Questions about Bézier curves, a type of path with control points used to create smooth curves. Ask anything about how to create shapes using bézier curves, manipulate the control points or its proper…
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Questions related to folding and "connecting" printed pieces together. This includes stapling, perfect bound, spiral binding, etc.
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Questions related to data increments.
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An image consisting of mapped pixels, where each are given a value (colour). Bitmaps gives the "lego effect" when zoomed in. This is opposed to vector graphics, which do not deteriorate when zoomed.
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Questions about the use of black. In print, black can have different appearances depending on the actual inks used.
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Questions about black-letter, textura, old English, or gothic typefaces.
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Bleed is a printing term that refers to printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming. In other words, the bleed is the area to be trimmed off.
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A free and open source 3D modelling/content creation software. Note that there is a StackExchange site for blender at http://blender.stackexchange.com.
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Questions about blending, the process of smoothly transitioning from one visual to another, or abrupt blends between image layers of a single visual
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Blend modes determine how the colors and opacity of layers and objects interact with others.
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Questions about the method of rendering a visual element (text, image, drawing) "out of focus", wholly or partly.
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In formatting, bold makes a text become darker and a little bigger.
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Questions about hand written or printed work, consisting of pages; bound together between a cover and attached to the spine.
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Questions about Bootstrap, a mobile first front-end framework for web development.
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Questions about design elements on the sides or outlining other elements.
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Questions regarding imagery, colors, typefaces, or other visual or audio items used to identify a business entity.
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Questions about software used to browse the web. Examples of browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple's Safari.
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Questions about the tools used for applying paint to a canvas. Digitally, a brush refers to a tool designed to mimic the application of color similar to traditional media. This often results in soft e…
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