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Adobe Creative Suite version 2. Released in 2005 was the second Creative Suite version to be released.
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Adobe Creative Suite version 3. Released in 2007 and was the first Creative Suite version to include former Macromedia applications such as Flash and Fireworks.
19 questions
Questions about the CS4 version of Adobe's Creative Suite of programs. Released in 2008. Use this tag if you have a question that is specific only to a CS4 version of a program.
51 questions
Questions specifically related to the CS5 versions of Adobe's suite of software. It was Released in 2010 and updated to CS5.5 in 2011. Succeeded by CS6.
227 questions
Questions that are specifically related to the CS6 versions of Adobe's suite of software. The latest and final version of Adobe Systems' Creative suite, released in 2012. Succeeded by Creative Cloud.
642 questions
Questions about Cascading Style Sheets, commonly referred to as CSS. Ask anything related to implementing styles, effects or graphic-design-specific tasks. For questions about implementing structural …
336 questions
Questions about the file MS Windows format for non-animated cursors.
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Data-merge is a software function which compiles a final file from multiple sources of information.
80 questions
Questions about the use of illustrations to convey data. This is including but not limited to diagrams such as charts, maps, plots; and general graphics with underlying data.
104 questions
The distance from the viewer to a surface within an image. Depth as it relates to two-dimensional image editing. Related to perspective far more than three-dimensional editing.
21 questions
Questions about the designers themselves; becoming a designer, living as a designer, forming the designer ethos and other theory related topics. It also covers practical topics like geographic locatio…
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Questions about conventions of graphic design. Sometimes theoretical, sometimes tangible, sometimes metaphysical.
332 questions
Questions about the progression of activities that result in the creation of distinctive design solutions.
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Questions about visual representation of data and information in two dimensions. "Diagram" is a wide term; it includes illustrations, tables, graphs, charts, plots, maps.
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Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM). A standard for handling medical imaging (such as CT and MRI scans). It works with voxels, the 3D equivalent of pixels.
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Questions about issues related to and depends on dimensions of design.
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Questions about the warping of visuals elements (photos, images, text...) whether it is to create a special effect, or to apply to a predetermined object.
93 questions
Questions about the use of the double exposure technique that mainly involves combining two images to create a single one in vector or bitmap applications.
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Questions about the output resolution of a print device. `dpi` refers to dots of ink on a printed page and thus to a property of a printer or other printing device. The term is often used in error, in…
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Questions about drawing, the art of representing objects or forms on a surface using lines. Ask anything related to creating and perfecting drawings and illustrations.
324 questions
A computer input device that allows users to draw with a stylus on a surface, similar to a pen on paper. Also known as a graphics tablet, or digitizer. Not to be confused with tablet computers.
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for questions about Adobe Dreamweaver, the web design program.
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