David Tunnell


Seasoned IT professional with 8 years of experience working on software projects in various capacities (Developer, Tester, Scrum Master, PM) in industries including federal consulting, real estate, industrial construction, healthcare and internet startups. Educated with a Computer Science degree from University of Maryland – University College, an MBA from University of Texas at Austin and most recently completed University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Fullstack Certification. Enjoys being challenged and engaged with projects that require me to work outside my comfort zone and knowledge set, especially while collaborating with a team. Have worked on a variety of technology stacks on both greenfield and existing code bases and have managed/facilitated software teams and implemented Agile/Scrum from the ground up resulting in major successes. Looking to move back into a software development role which is my original passion. The ability to create something that is useful and provides value with my mind, colleagues, and a computer drives me.

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