Leonardo Kurnia

My name is Leon. I was born in Jakarta on June 11, 1995 as the only child. I am someone who would always enjoy helping my friends, teachers, and parents, especially in the area of technology. As I love to see modern and futuristic technical works, I enjoy exploring and developing myself in those areas.

I have been exploring the area related to computers and audiovisual works, and eventually gained some skills in those areas. Since the year end of 2009, I have been involved in many school activities where I mostly assist in the technical and multimedia areas such as multimedia processing and database system management. I was then introduced to stage lighting and sound engineering. In the following year onwards, I was appointed as technical director and supervisor for multiple school productions.

I got familiar with photo editing, video editing, and graphic design. Since then, I have been given many multimedia projects that involved editing and designing to work on. Beside school activities, I personally have photography and videography as my hobbies. On August 2012, I established an official school club called the Audio Visual Club where I, the president, have been training the members in technical and multimedia areas based on my experiences. Currently, the club is entrusted with many school productions and projects.

I have been helping my friends and teachers in solving their computer problems including reformatting their computer and diagnosing hardware issues for 6 years. Since the year 2009, I have also been helping my dad, an architect, in 3D architectural visualization design and creating virtual reality animations for many of his projects.

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