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Modern day spiderman specializing in front end development, experienced in commerce, financial services, administrative dashboards, data visualization, and all things web applications

Prior Me
I'm a self taught developer with former experience in sales. I read through blogs and books to understand how to program, but found that I learned best through writing code and real life projects. I took on freelance challenges and practiced coding using online tools like Codecademy, Team Treehouse, Reddit, and Thinkful.

Now Me
And now I'm a web developer specializing in branding clients and developing reusable UI components. Experienced in front end development through flexible technology solutions for admin dashboards, travel commerce, loyalty program management, online and mobile payments, branding, and landing pages. Specifically interested in development using JavaScript. I also stretched my skills by writing automation tests in Java using Selenium. I'm currently working on a data visualization tool to help our partners grow their community on Twitch's Customer Experience team.

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