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I'm a creative web developer living in Berlin, Germany. I focus on front-end web development and optimizing speed, performance, and accessibility. I like to meet open-minded people in real life; that's why I organize and speak at meetups. I am open to sharing my knowledge and helping people build a fast and friendly, accessible, ethical, and ecological world wide web. I don't care about "programming", but I do care about building functional and beautiful websites.

Im am @openmindculture on GitHub.

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, music, sports, travelling, reading, and being with my family. Find out more about me and my work:

Developer Story

Ingo Steinke is a creative web developer and a certified Shopware 6 developer. Ingo is focused on frontend web development, page speed, sustainability, accessibility, usability, and ecology. Ingo Steinke is a meetup organizer and speaker. Please note that this StackOverflow profile might not be up to date. Make sure to visit Ingo's portfolio website for first-hand information.

If you like Ingo's talks and articles, feel free to support him on patreon, buy him a coffee or hire him as a freelancer.

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