Long-time CP/M, MS-DOS 2.11-6.0, NetWare 2-5, OS/2, Windows 1.0-10 User/Programmer/SysEng... who has now turned to the dark side: Linux!

As my experience with Linux is not as extensive as the other OSes I know, I'm trying to find interesting questions which I know quite a bit about under other OSes and try to wrap my head around looking at it from the Linux side. Amazing what you can learn about Linux trying to solve other people's problems! >:) Or even better: learn by being corrected by the gurus around [ubuntu.se]...

Yeah, I can program in ASM, C, JavaScript, PASCAL, BASIC, LOGO, ... but I try to avoid those as much as possible... If I can get it accomplished in bash (or cmd) it's good enough and only if I really have to, I'll compile something up.

Two of my disadvantages are: I like to eat and I'm a picky eater so I cook myself...

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