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What is the font used in the Technika logo?
1 votes

The Logo looks like a calligraphic work and is probably not a part of any known font family. Probably, the letters were specially designed for the company. PS Some guy used similar (but NOT exactly) ...

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Graphic element to show on a form while user awaits response
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Try looking on this resource for IDEAS: Progress icons I suggest you using pop-up icon similar to progress bars/circles and dim the site until the request is processed completely. You could dim all ...

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What are good general typeface principles based on target audience age?
3 votes

I'd like to add some points to the answers. The issue of age related changes in refraction (the possibility of the eyes to bend light rays) is mostly related to the state of the crystalline lens - ...

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How to match up the corners of 2 different lines in Adobe Illustrator?
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Select both lines or points, Go to "Stroke" and press on Round CAP and Round Corner, if the lines not match perfect, expand them -> Unite and delete undesirable anchor points

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