Dan G.

I started way back in the stone ages of computers on the mainframe in 1982 and moved to client/server in the early 90's. Been designing and developing applications ever since.

I love software design and development. I love how it can model the real world. I started consulting in 1995 as a Visual Basic / Sybase application developer. Since then, I've designed, developed, tested, implemented, and supported both small and large systems for desktop and the web. Currently, designed, built, and am now supporting an electronic medical records (EMR) system for an AIDS/TB clinic in rural Africa. Very rewarding.

Spent the last few years retooling from c# and WPF to javascript, html, css, node.js, and most recently, reactjs. I've been eyeing web-based enterprise applications for awhile and really enjoying working in the REST API, web-based client world.

I get my kicks solving problems and designing solutions. Still learning and never knowing enough.

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