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As a graphic designer, should I use my personal name or create a business name/branding?
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This question has TOP priority also in my mind and I made research for this a lot. Some other benefits: Using a Business name: It gives the opportunity to sell the business later if needed (of ...

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I have to get a large number of photos approved for my project. Is there an online tool or platform that can help me with this?
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I use Dropbox for these situations. I upload, for example 500 images in new folder, then share it with my client and then he adds comments on each image, pretty much the same idea as already in first ...

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Should designs be created on paper first?
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I would say that it depends on situation, what kind of project, how much time you have etc. There can be a situation when you need to do something very fast and there is no need to play on paper ...

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What are some good ways to gain practical experience to add to my portfolio?
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I think that a good place to start is design contests. I suggest sites like and Participate there and later pick some designs to put in portfolio.

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