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"Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal" - How can this concept be supported & explained by a designer?
22 votes

I've always interpreted this as a more literal reference to the possession that "stealing" implies. If you've truly stolen something, then it is no longer owned by anyone else. Nor is it a copy. It's ...

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Making custom sized columns in InDesign
Accepted answer
5 votes

The only way I know is manually adjusting the column guides. You can do this by clicking View / Grids / uncheck Lock Column Guides. You can then use the Select Tool to move the guides much like any ...

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How to use an Illustrator graphic as a text bullet in InDesign?
3 votes

You can Edit > Copy your object from Illustrator, and then Edit > Paste it directly into a text frame. The object can then be formatted using many of the same properties as normal text, such as ...

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Trouble making a clipping mask in Photoshop
1 votes

It sounds like one of the issues you were running into was some type of styling applied to Group 1. Likely Opacity and/or Blending Mode, which would explain why you're seeing changes when you ungroup ...

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